Snow humor (such as it is)

Good news: We did get our Philly Inquirer today!
Bad news: I found it with the snow blower.

Was discussing the beautiful light blue hue today’s heavy snow had as you dug into its depth. Asked my neighbor, “What do you call snow when it’s blue like this?” He replied with a grunt, “Heavy (insert your favorite off-color adjective) blue snow!

How do you stop the snow plows from sealing in your driveway?
heavy weapons

Who gets to clear your neighbor’s driveway because they left two days ago for Florida?
Somebody else …

2 thoughts on “Snow humor (such as it is)

  1. I live in Wisconsin. We have four seasons. Almost winter, Winter, Still Winter and Road Construction. Every night this week the lows will be sub zero….but only in single digits so we’re happy with the warming trend. It almost went above 20 today!! Once the first snowfall occurs we don’t see the actual driveway till about April, it just gets a sort of pernafrost-tundra covering.

    Oddly, we get less snow in this particular pocket along Lake Michigan, 60 miles north of Green Bay than the Philly region. Of course, ours doesn’t melt off as it does in SEPA so it appears like more.

    Has Gus kicked you out of the Red Lion yet? Eat before you let on you post stuff from me. Ask him what significance door peep holes play in his life. And the napkins….ask him about those.


    • Haven’t made it to The Red Lion yet. I don’t go out to eat very often.

      For a Wisconsin guy, we must sound like wimps; but this is an annoying Winter. More annoying than usual …

      Pitchers and catchers in 16 day, give or take a day or two!


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