Me and Harper Jeanine

Me and Harper Jeanine

I started this little journey in Self Expression three years ago!  How time does fly!

From time-to-time I like to look back at expectations, lessons, and maybe a little prodding at what the Future might hold for Cranky Man’s Lawn.  It has been awhile, so let’s get to it.

The first thing – probably the most important expectation-wise – is that this blog, absent some lightning bolt post that sets the internet machine on fire, is going to remain a micro-blog.

That’s fine with me.

Anyone who blogs about his personal views and life experiences – as opposed to a business or professional orientation – must admit to a certain level of ego.  You believe you have something other people will want to read.

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  But it’s a very short walk from a reasonable self-perspective to a fatal case of Hubris-induced depression!

I have learned a bit about where my place is on the internet thingy; and it’s a very small, crowded space!  They call it the World Wide Web for a reason.

From time-to-time I have gotten nibbles from media interests that might offer me a wider audience, but nothing to date has panned out.  If anyone is reading this, understands concepts like SEO or whatever internet tricks might attract a broader readership, by all means give me a shout!

So what else does one do?

In my case I have learned the more local I stay, the more pertinent and interesting to others my material becomes.  When I fill a niche in my own small piece of the world (Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA with a smattering of growing up in Philadelphia), the content is more relatable, both to me and those most likely to read it.

That seems to work when I address local issues, like the redevelopment process for the NAS-JRB Willow Grove base or regional politics (Horsham Township, PA 151st and 12th Senatorial Districts, Pennsylvania 13th & 7th Congressional Districts).  However, none of that stops me from having a bit of fun or sharing some of the serious and absurd observations on life and my journey through it.

The compliments I have received seem to revolve around these local issues and my own locally-grown personal points-of-view.  The greatest compliments have been related to my ability to step back and explain complicated issues and processes (e.g. JRB-NAS Willow Grove) that have influenced the opinions of others or my creative approach to my more offbeat material (e.g. ‘Twas the night before FurloughThe Wiffle Ball Kings).

My “humor”?  That’s a hit or miss thing, which might reflect the unsophisticated level of humor or the unsophisticated reader.  I can’t seem to figure that one out.  But my riffs on Vacations with a Type A Spouse and this dubious Baseball Achievement still attract repeated views well after they have grown rather dusty!

For some reason, the lawn advice portion of my program still receives significant attention, even a few follows from professional lawn businesses!  Needless to say, I will say it … Green lawns are King!

For the near future you can expect to see a decent amount of Pennsylvania politics with the Governors office up for grabs, and Allyson Schwartz (God help us!) trying to unseat Tom Corbett.

You can also bet on seeing quite a bit more about a little cutie named Harper Jeanine, pictured above.

As for my specifics, I’m a very middle-aged, very married, very suburban father of three grown sons.  I work for the Most Powerful Military Establishment in the World in a job few would understand and even fewer would appreciate, unless of course they live for bureaucracy and sloth-speed efficiency.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Born and bred in Philadelphia and surroundings.  Schooled at St. Jerome R.C. in Holme Circle section of Northeast Philly, Father Judge High School, and LaSalle University (BA, MBA).  And yes, I’m a bit OCD about the lawn, but really not all that cranky.

If you’d like to chat or respond to anything here, feel free to contact me at mikeshortall@comcast.net.  But please take the time to comment if you dare, conversation is such a lost art.

Peace and prosperity!   …. Mike (aka Hatboro Mike)

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  1. Mike – I think you need to change the location of St Jerome’s to Home Circle. I also think we need a rant on the gold old days of softball and football with the old crew.


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