Bye, bye Keith!

In a shocker, Keith Olbermann and MSNBC (Network of The Left) have decided to part ways.

Here’s your hat and coat, Keith. Have to leave so soon?!?  Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out!

I could be a bit less cynical and ugly, if I didn’t think Olbermann was such a pompous, condescending, over-rated no-talent.  Even when he was on ESPN, he tended to speak down to his audiences when in “sports commentary mode”.

Maybe, just maybe, MSNBC decided to own up to their contributions on raising the vitriol level on The Left.

Wait a minute … What am I saying?!?   How could I even suggest that maybe The Left has had any role in the poisonous atmosphere of American politics?!?  Anyone who has not been trapped in a cave since the Tucson tragedy KNOWS that the problems with the tone in American politics can be blamed SOLELY on the right!!  It’s all the fault of The Right, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, etc., etc.

That is if one ignores the number of times Bush43 was portrayed as a Nazi, if not Hitler himself, or as a baby-eating monster.  What about the movie produced during the Bush43 administration that revolved around the his assassination and opened to such Liberal acclaim?  Maybe they’ve all forgotten the tripe that’s been published regularly on websites like The Daily Kos??  (Note the use of targeting imagery to suggest Gabby Giffords needed to go.  Why??  Well, because she opposed Nancy Pelosi.) 

Yes, the tone of political discourse has gotten way, way out of hand.  And yes, it needs to be toned down and become much more tolerant.  But please, don’t insult us with the premise that the poisonous atmosphere has come from only one side of the political spectrum.

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