Mike Time

Bummer …

Step 1 (See Chapter 1) of the Lawn Cleanup Project ran into a light – but steady – rain.  Bummer …

So instead I get to enjoy a little Mike Time in a house that’s actually empty.  It will only last a few hours, so no time to spare.  I feel so guilty. 

 (Really, really tried to say that with a straight face.)

Loading some free library CD music up to the iPod, concentrating on Joe Cocker this time around.  Then maybe a little reading. 

Will certainly be wondering if the idiots D.C. – on both sides of the aisle – will get their acts together and pass a budget.

Generally, I agree with the Republican goal of reducing and bringing under control Federal spending.  But when the jobs of 800,000 civilian employees (Me included … And who – by the way – are already under a potential five-year pay freeze) are at stake, I get a bit annoyed at reports that policy riders (EPA, NPR, etc.) are the real worm in the pie.

Must be too much to ask, I guess.

And this is taking way too long.

Outta here … For the sake of Mike Time.

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