Montgomery County (PA) Primary Elections

Tomorrow, May 17 is primary day in Pennsylvania. And although there are few national or state-wide races sexy enough to draw much attention, Montgomery County will be selecting party nominations for the County Commissioners offices and all county row offices.

Any Republican, who pays attention to regional politics, recognizes the problems which have occurred at the County Commissioner level when Republican voters were disenfranchised through Jim Matthews’ personal vendetta against Bruce Castor.  The stage will be set for purging the Commissioners ranks of Matthews with the strong candidate team of Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown. 

Even though the Castor and Brown will be unopposed for the Republican nomination, several other important nominations for row offices are being contested.  (Each party nominates two Commissioner candidates for three commissioner offices.  This ensures that there is always one minority member included on the County Commissioners Board.)

See my take on the Montgomery County Republican nominees here.

Pay particular attention to the GOP nomination race for Sheriff.  Eileen Behr, former Whitemarsh Township Police Chief and currently serving the balance of the term of the deceased John P. Durante as Montgomery County’s Sheriff, looks to run as the Montco GOP-endorsed candidate for her own term as Sheriff.  Behr was asked by Governor Tom Corbett to finish out Durante’s term when he passed away in February 2010.

She is being opposed by Robert J. Durante, who is of no relation to the deceased Sheriff Durante, is a retired 33-year veteran of the Sheriff’s office. 

Ms. Behr is eminently qualified for the post of Sheriff.  Please show your support for a woman who has diligently worked her way up from dispatcher to become the first female police chief in Montgomery County.  

To my knowledge, none of the other GOP row office nominations are being contested with the Republican Party.  However, care should be given in recognizing Democrat candidates for judge that have cross-filed as Republicans in order to cement unopposed ballot positions in the November election.

On that note, I also submit for your consideration the nomination of Maureen Coggins for judge.  I was much impressed by Ms. Coggins during the Republican nomination process.  She would be an excellent choice for judge in Montgomery County.

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