A bed & breakfast and a graduation

It’s been busy time for Cranky Man the past week or so.  Our youngest, Alex, graduated this week from Hatboro-Horsham HS; and my brother and his wife are in from the Left Coast to visit and pay homage to the graduate.  My brother, Pat was able to retire this year; and since he’s two years YOUNGER, it’s been a cranky time for me.  Coveting will do that.  On Saturday this weekend, we hosted the obligatory graduation blowout.

Alex finished in the Top 10% of his class; has decided to attend Temple University’s  Honor Program; and has received several offers of scholarship assistance.  He has a bright future ahead of him. 

A very proud time, and a very busy time …  As a result, I have neglected my blog duties.  I must be both motivated and topically inspired to be effective.

I love having Pat and his wife here.  Pat left for a hitch in the Air Force at 18, right after his graduation from high school (Father Judge ’76).  Since he left at an early age and ended up staying out on the Left Coast when he met his spousal unit, it seems we missed doing a lot of the normal 20-something and 30-something stuff together as we raised our families in separate worlds.  We try to catch up on what was missed whenever we get together. 

So much for what’s been keeping me from my appointed rounds.  Here are a few news bits to hold you over ’til the smoke clears.

  • Kudos for Cranky Man from fellow no-airport-at-JRB-WG warriors at http://www.noairportinhorsham.org/, who have noticed my constant and unending anti-airport tirades.  Check out my first internet referral at the bottom of their homepage.  Thanks for noticing, neighbors!
  • If you haven’t yet, please register your opposition to an airport – if you’re so inclined – at the aforementioned www.noairportinhorsham.org!  They wish to document all Horsham neighbors who stand opposed to an airport at the JRB.  Make sure YOUR voice is heard, especially if you cannot attend HLRA meetings!
  • My one indelible image from the HLRA community charrette on Friday, June 10 was this one clear pro-airport individual, who had the temerity to interrupt what was a rather productive group exercise.  He just HAD to let us know that as the owner of a scuba equipment shop on Rt 611 (as if THAT made his opinion carry more weight) just how “wonderful” an airport would be for the people of Horsham.  Then – just as quickly – he hopped off to the next group to spout his personal opinion.  Not once did he present even a pretense of caring one twit what THE REAL COMMUNITY was trying to accomplish that day.  Nope … It was all about him, his opinions, his self-interests.  There’s a lesson there for those of us who really care about the broader Horsham picture, more than just hobbies and financial gain.
  • My other impressions of the Day of Charrette (Sounds like a wine tasting!) were frustration – initially; a begrudging – at times – effort to LISTEN to the views of others; the slow-to-emerge impression that this charrette process was interesting, helpful, and productive.  There was a clear majority of no-airport over pro-airport attendees.  Unfortunately, I was indisposed on Saturday and unable to attend the wrap-up session.

With the Day of Charrette – a critical but preliminary – community effort now out of the way, I hope to get back to some of my regular blogging subject matter.  I do expect to return often to the matter of the JRB’s future, since I’m convinced the issue will not be settled for some time to come.

Also, I’ve made one change in an effort to make reader discussion less complicated here.  You will no longer be required to submit an e-mail address to comment.  All comments will still be subject to review before being added to the discussion thread however.

For my Horsham neighbors, make sure you stay informed; look at the FACTS behind the claims; cull facts from suppositions and wishful projections; and consider the motives of those who want to advise you on matters affecting the community!

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