Love Hurts

As I was getting My Beloved’s Valentine’s Day offerings together this morning, including my usual MO of leaving a card strategically placed in the kitchen for Carol’s discovery, during the envelope sealing process I suffered a self-inflicted paper cut on the upper lip.

(Did you know you can cut a New York strip steak with the edges of a Hallmark envelope?!?)

So now All Day Long, I will be reminded just how bittersweet Love can be.

So remember … When Cupid lets fly his Arrow of Love, the person on the receiving end gets a nasty puncture wound.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Love Hurts

  1. Really liked the blog on Rick S fact filled. So I’m starting to wonder if I should read more frequently then I read about the far flung arrow of cupid and lip blood…oh well guess that’s a space filler


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