Romney clearly the winner in Round 1!

Wow … Was I impressed!

I do not normally watch presidential debates.  I find them full of platitudes and generalizations.  And this was true of tonight’s debate at times. But I watched anyway, knowing this election is an important one.  (There’s also that thing that if you’re going to blog about politics, you ought to pay attention.  So watch I did.)

Frankly, I thought by the end of the debate, the President looked tired and harried … almost disheveled.  He was strongest early in the debate; but I thought Mitt Romney constantly out-pointed The President on the Economic issues.  (Something I have been convinced he would do if given the chance.)

Mitt Romney looked more energetic, animated, and decisive.  He definitely proved that he has the presence and weight – personality wise – to be presidential.  

Romney was clear on his message; rejected the continued attempt at misdirection by the President; and demonstrated that he is extremely comfortable speaking on the Economy.  He was clear in his explanations of his framework for getting the country out of its Economic Malaise; reducing the deficit; and improving healthcare.

All-in-all Mitt Romney decisively took Round 1 of the Presidential Debates!!  He surprised me with the strength of his performance and his grasp of the solutions we need.  

Well done, Mitt!!

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