Diet by App, February 22

What have you lost for me lately? a Malayan Flying Fox!

What have you lost for me lately? … 2.5 lb. Malayan Flying Fox

First weigh-in since buying the Lose It! app. Down 2 pounds to 234 (Start weight: 236). Probably closer to 2.5 pounds had I entered my starting weight properly (236.4).  About what I expected, in view of my learning curves.

One trick learned is the ability to push over-budget calories into the next day.  Some might say this is “cheating”; but it helps me handle the ups and downs easier.  First, it relieves some of the guilt and dietary pressure when you wander (i.e. bull-rush the feeding trough) off course.  Second, you get the chance to make good on your wandering without forfeiting whatever progress you have already made.

This week the program was complicated a bit further when I chalked up another year on this Big Blue Marble.  So sorry, Ms. Lose It! … Chocolate-frosted, yellow birthday cake trumps Diet App every time …

… along with the Imperial Wolf Fish dinner at Bonefish Grill, accompanied by several adult beverages forced upon me by several non-diet-conforming family members. (Which is why I love them!).

Also found that by pushing some of those over-budget birthday calories into the next day, ….

a) didn’t feel like committing seppuku the day after my birthday splurge;

b) could manage my “wild” birthday craziness by a little budget-cutting sacrifice the following day; and

c) still end up 322 calories UNDER budget for the week!

Tasted better than he looks

Tasted better than he looks

Solved the problem of accurately entering (to the best if one’s ability and time) the nutritional and caloric data from home-cooked meals and restaurant dining.  By googling a meal, like my Imperial Wolf Fish dinner (450 with the au gratin potatoes), you can usually find a comparable meal described and valued for entry in the Lose It! app.

Don’t obsess over being down-to-the-calorie completely accurate.  Close enough is good enough.  Found several menu/nutrition websites that listed my Bonefish Grill meal.  It wasn’t an exact match, if looking at a picture might indicate, but close enough for government work (favorite adage).

So far, so good …

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