Diet by App – March 26

What have I lost so far?  What the ...?!?

What have I lost so far?
The creepy, gigantic Coconut Crab – minus trash can – weighs 6.6.lbs.!

Starting weight:  236 (Feb 18)

Goal Weight:  200

Plan:  Lose one-and-a-half pounds a week

Daily Calorie Budget:  1969 (Down from 2,020 at the start)

Goal Achievement:  August 3, 2013

Weight on March 19:  229.4

Weight today:  229.6

I’m stuck on Coconut Crab!  Damn you, Lose It!

This can be frustrating.  Now I’ll admit, I was a tad over-budget this week on calories. But in the overall scheme of things being only 120 calories over a weekly budget of 13,790 calories is barely “over budget”.

Isn’t it?

This diet thing is a bit perplexing.  Truth be told though, it didn’t feel like a good week.  But then again, neither did last week, when the Tale of the App showed a 3+ pound loss.  And that week I was 270 calories over budget!

I don’t get it.  I’m not surprised.  I just don’t get it.  Maybe it’s a cumulative penalty-type thing.

Or …

Perhaps it was that Friday afternoon Happy Hour, downing three Stella Artois (150 cal. per) and a bit of lunch (actually a sizeable roast pork sandwich) at the new Horsham Pub while catching the Temple University victory over NC State in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Who knows?  But you wouldn’t think that would be a huge culprit when you were still so close to budget.

Then again, I knew I had to exercise a bit more the rest of the weekend to work that off.  Maybe it’s not really all that hard to figure out.

Fact is, I still have a few bad habits I’m working through.  These I know, if I can control, will make a difference … or should.

So here’s to another week looking to vanquish that ugly Coconut Crab!

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