Eags-ceeding my expectations

imagesThe Philadelphia Eagles are nowhere near completing their transformation into the image and likeness of Chip Kelly.  They are nowhere near the level of play needed to compete among the top teams of the National Football League.  They are nowhere near playing the kind of football that normally leads to a NFC East Division Championship, then again neither is the rest of the NFC East.

So the potential is here for some playoff football in Philly!

Of course the potential is also there that they will drive you bat scat crazy, as they did against the Giants on October 27, which was probably the worst pro football game I can ever remember watching.  And the Dallas game the previous week was almost as bad.

But two weeks a difference can make.

Nick Foles (Photo from usatoday.com)

Nick Foles
(Photo from usatoday.com)

Now, despite the title of this post, I am honestly trying to not getting ahead of reasonable expectations.  Even if the Eagles were to triumph in the NFC East, which looks like the only way they can get to the post-season tournament, they shouldn’t get very far.  However, just getting there after two really crappy seasons and a coaching change should be success enough.

Andy Reid won only four games his initial year in Philly.  Kelly has that beat already; but he has benefitted from a significantly better roster than Reid had in 1999.

My only expectation … (Hope is probably a better word, if you can use “hope” when speaking about sports.)  … for this season was to be entertained once a week, by watching a well-played football game and observing how this team transformed itself.

Expectations there have been met, although those two games against the Divisional rivals not named Washington still leave a bad taste.

Lesean McCoy  (Photo from pennlive.com)

LeSean McCoy
(Photo from pennlive.com)

With three home games over the next four weeks – sandwiched around a bye week, the Eagles are poised to give Dallas a run for the division.  That would be enough of an accomplishment for this season.

The unfortunate part of this scenario – of course – is that these games are Home on the Linc, where the Eagles have lost 10 in a row!  That’s unfathomable … And one would think that correcting this aberration is a priority for Chip Kelly.

Irregardless the future looks bright.

Nick Foles has taken a stranglehold on the Quarterback job.  The Defense, which looked horrid in the early weeks, is playing much better.  Adapting to and playing better in their new 3-4 alignment after a rough stretch on the Learning Curve.  And LeSean McCoy is being … well … LeSean McCoy.

Future expectations look very promising.  If Kelly can wring a 5-5 start from the remnants of the Reid era and a crop of draft picks, then a few seasons of further talent stocking and development can tease out your Philly bred tendency towards cynicism.  And one of my fears, that the Eagles would wind up trapped in another era of revolving door Head Coach selections may be avoided.

For now, I am modifying my projected season record for the Eagles to 9-7.

It could be a lot worse, which is what I had expected.

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