What were my most Memorable Philly sports moments?

I am working on a post of those Philly sports moments I found the most exciting/memorable. Can you guess what they are?

For perspective, these are events and plays that occurred during my sports-aware years. Being born in 1956, I wouldn’t have been “aware” until maybe the age of 6-8 years old.

I talking the most memorable, not the most obvious. So don’t think Brad Lidge kneeling near the mound. Think about what might have convinced me that was the likely outcome.

Also, keep in mind, I only have a passing interest in anything basketball.

I have ten moments in the queue, and might add one or two more. And only one – not so oddly enough – is a “negative event”. Several are individual accomplishments, but certainly not all are.

Can you hazard a few guesses?

Winners take home Absolutely Nothing!

4 thoughts on “What were my most Memorable Philly sports moments?

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Randall back in the league? After I posted, I thought about that TD against the Giants on a Monday night when he hurdled everybody and the cheerleaders.


    • A good subject for a future blog post … Most Spectacular Plays in Philly Soprts History. I think Randall would have a few entries there.

      Funny thing about Randall … As amazing a player as he was and as fun as he was to watch, I do not find his stay here all the “memorable” in the overall scheme of things. Probably has something to do with his and the Eagles playoff futility during his tenure here.


  2. I’ll play. 1964 Phillies collapse, since you mentioned 1962-64 as the beginning of awareness… Wilbert Montgomery scores vs. Dallas in 1980 in the cold… Emmitt Smith gets stopped at the line 4 times about a dozen years after that… Tugger on the mound in ’80… Villanova beats Georgetown in ’85… Frazier over Ali… my personal favorite, Randall throws a 95 yarder to Fred Barnett after dodging a Bruce Smith closeline at Rich Stadium in 1990.


    • Good job. You not only guessed a few, you mentioned a few I had forgotten. But I’ll stick with the ones I selected. Look for it sometime early next week. You might be surprised at the ones I leave off.


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