Why is recognizing and fixing Voter Fraud considered a political issue at all?

Report from Chicago

We are trapped in a “Twilight Zone” of deliberate ineptitude when we are prevented from resolving very fixable problems for reasons having nothing to do with protecting the sanctity and our confidence in reliable institutions such as voting!

‘Facts matter’: FEC chairwoman challenges Trump’s voter fraud claims
— Read on www.politico.com/amp/story/2019/08/19/fec-chairwoman-challenges-trump-voter-fraud-claims-1467224

Voter fraud does not need to be “rampant” to be a problem requiring correction. We don’t allow occasional financial fraud or identity theft to go unpunished or uncorrected, especially if there are systemic flaws. What’s the difference here?

Does anyone truly believe an example such as the proven and recent occurrence of Dead People voting in Philadelphia cannot or should not be addressed in a systemic way that would make such instances much less – even if not entirely – likely to happen in the future?

Prove to me that such reluctance is not simply an overreaction to Political Objectives callously anchored in false racial sensibilities!

2 thoughts on “Why is recognizing and fixing Voter Fraud considered a political issue at all?

  1. According to many liberals, people of color are unable to procure state issued ID. The reasoning should be insulting to those people.
    “They don’t understand how computers work.”
    “They can’t get to DMV offices.”
    “They can’t fill out the forms.”

    It’s a political issue because some of us insist the rest of us are trying to usurp the elections. I’m absolutely positive that those who don’t have ID….also the same people who won’t have jobs, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, fly on planes, etc also won’t be voting in anything at all.

    You are correct, even small infractions of voter security should be addressed. Casinos have tighter security on penny slot machines than we have on valid voters. A casino loses a few bucks….we can lose the sanctity of our basic American tenets.

    Voter ID requirements hurt no one who is actually involved in voting. Those not involved make no difference. But any fraud is too much fraud.


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