Omicron: Corona to end all Corona (not)

Yes, the Omicrons are here among us. Hopefully not among you or me, just the collective Us.

Omicron (apparently because Media talkingheads constantly repeating B.1.1.529 would be a marketing and evangelizing nightmare) is just the latest and greatest in the corona series of social and behavioral controls promulgated by perpetually perplexed, constantly behind-the-curve “experts” and politicians.

As bewildering as this has become, perhaps we have reached the point where we must come to this rather obvious conclusion:

MegaDeath Corona virus(es) are FOREVER out of The Genie’s Bottle, and no level of Human Social Torture is going to get that cork back on!

Maybe it’s time we realize this is not going to end anytime soon. That’s “soon” as in years, likely a decade or more. Maybe it’s time to accept the consequences of stupid China human tricks, even if none of The Civilized Nations are brave enough to confront the responsible criminals.

Maybe it’s time to get along with Life in all its normal freedoms and glory. Maybe we should refuse to be shackled to the Dread of Infection. Maybe those “at risk” individuals will always and forever be at risk.

Maybe it’s time for Individuals to make Personal and Responsible decisions as to how their Future will play out in the shadow of this heinous insult inflicted by Others. Maybe the “experts” will confess they will never have all the answers, leave us their advice and the Choice to follow along … or not – at our own peril, and get off our backs!

Maybe …But either way, The Genie ain’t getting back in the damn bottle!

3 thoughts on “Omicron: Corona to end all Corona (not)

  1. It’s more subtle out here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The near panic I saw on the east coast while there for 3 month beginning in 2/20 when this broke loose never reached us. When it began in earnest in Montgomery County I decide to extend my visit so as to not be the guy who brought this to Crivitz. But I had to return and since it had arrived before me I was no longer in line to be a pariah. It’s still not a major issue here. It’s here, I’ve known several with it but the attitude is different. Less fear, more indignation. When the bars began to re-open, beginning with those who simply ignored the orders rather than close forever…this was a national news item and we were branded fools….the dreaded tsunami never appeared. We wore masks, mostly, and we washed our hands and we kept our distance. The vaccinated are more plentiful than our counterparts but the fear is not. Why is this as it is? Because it’s accepted as part of life, life comes with risks. Sure, we’re mad at China and have responded with a higher degree of avoidance of their products…as should the entire nation. But we also realize life must go on, we must work, play and enjoy each others company.

    BTW Mike, the previous owners of the Red Lion now have a place in Bensalem, The Waterside. Breakfast and lunch only. Stop in, tell Gus Eric sent you.

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    • Hey, Eric … My point isn’t so much about panic. People here seem to be resolved to it and more annoyed at the restrictions. I think we all to just accept this as the “new normal”; resolve not to allow it to overly affect Life; and make our own responsible decisions based on our health and the health of those we have better than social interactions with. It’s obvious “the experts” can only react and treat. So give us the information you think we need, and we can make the decisions we think are appropriate for us and our circle. We do so knowing what our risks are.

      I will look for the Bensalem spot for breakfast. I figured they sold the Red Lion Diner. Haven’t tried it with the new owners yet.


      • That too is my point, not the panic but the acceptance it’s a factor in our lives and we shouldn’t let it destroy us economically, politically or socially. We’ll beat it eventually and before we do it’ll exact a toll on us, similar to how we’ve dealt with HIV. and how it went from vicious to controllable..

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