B-17F “Meat Hound”; Tail Number 229524

My latest assembly project was a re-creation of “Meat Hound” a B-17F strategic bomber, assigned in 1943 to the 358th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group stationed at Molesworth, UK during the still uncertain period of World War II.

At 1:48 scale this was the largest most unwieldy aircraft I have worked on. It took my fastidious nature several months to get the aircraft as close to “right” as I possibly could. All-in-all an enjoyable project as it took me back to watching “12 O’Clock High”, both the movie (1949) with Gregory Peck and the TV series (1964-67) with Frank Overton, Barney Phillips, Andrew Duggan and even a five-episode cameo by “Top Gun” star Tom Skerritt.

Those are among my good memories of nights in front of the television with my father (WWII non-aviator) and brother.

I decided on the “Meat Hound” version of the B-17F, as opposed to the “Memphis Belle” version (Most model kits give you more than one option.), seeing “The Belle” as a bit more Hollywood (Great movie in its own right!). I tend to go with less known versions – if possible; and in this case I was glad I did!

After researching a bit of the “Meat Hound’s” history, I’d like to dedicate this assembly to the those lost when the “Meat Hound” was severely wounded by enemy aircraft over Durgerdam, Netherlands on January 11, 1944.

In one of the tragic twists of war, the decision was made for the crew (minus pilot 1st Lt. Jack W. Watson) to bail out. Wilson was able to get what was left of “Meat Hound” back to England. But of those nine men who bailed out, four were captured, one evaded capture, and tragically, four men drowned when they landed in Amsterdam Bay in full parachute gear.

This post is dedicated to:

  • 2nd Lt. Vance R. Colvin; Bachelor, Kansas – bombardier (KIA)
  • S/Sgt. Samuel L. Rowland; Marion County, Indiana- engineer/top turret gunner (KIA) Sgt. William H. Fussner; Middle Valley, New York – right waist gunner (KIA)
  • Sgt. Fred H. Booth; Shady Bend, Ohio – ball turret gunner (KIA)
The actual “Meat Hound”

3 thoughts on “B-17F “Meat Hound”; Tail Number 229524

  1. Nice job, and adding the history is the icing on this cake. That generation is almost gone and I feel honored to have been raised by them. Nearly every adult male in the neighborhood had been a combat veteran…and I count those well behind the lines, they ALL endured a hostile and harsh time regardless of their particular mission.

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  2. They had us view and dissect 12 O’clock High as a lesson in leadership in or leadership / management training. I remember watching that great show, Combat and Gallant Men, with Dad always adding “You know war, is not all glory.” Good looking result on your model. I still have a B-17 in the box that I bought for the boys, need to build that. I also have a nice sized model of the USS Missouri which I need to build but will put Iowa insignia on it.

    Had a 90+ year old former B-17 pilot at our gym, never talked about it but his friends did, he flew 30 missions over Germany and then bombed Japan and later Korea. Lots of WW II anniversaries were coming up I asked him “Chuck” if he still hated the Germans and Jos, he said he did without hesitation. His friends told me to look up his unit and sure enough there e was with his crew in from of a B-17. He stopped coming to the gym of and on and I am sure he has passed by now, good guy.

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    • Thanks, Bro … One of my since passed neighbors stated he was a waist gunner on B-17s. Taking a break from model craft for a bit, even though I have my next projection hand.

      Going to hang the 17 “in flight” in the office. Cannot wait to hear the critiques by my home decorator.


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