It ain’t easy …

… writing a blog, or anything else, I imagine.  Despite my goal to contribute to this endeavor on a semi-strict, regular schedule, experience thus far indicates that it just isn’t that easy.  I am concerned despite the fact that NO ONE as yet has been permitted to peek at this effort of mine.

But it’s not like there’s nothing to write about.  From the events in Egypt to early maneuvering in the 112th Congress, there is plenty of material out there.  Fact is, you have to be in the mood to write anything meaningful. Otherwise, you just end up with a lot of muddled, directionless drivel … Kind of like this.

Yet there are times when I cannot wait to get at the computer to put thoughts and ideas to the ethernet.  I imagine other blogger/writer types probably experience this as well.

In my current state of mind, I can readily identify the time of year as one possible cause.  The Dead of Winter is upon us.  This is the worst time of the year for me. I hate it.

The holidays are behind us; Spring seems to be miles away; and there’s very little I like to do at this time of year … that doesn’t involve doing the kind of domestic chores I abhor.

And this weather ain’t helpin’!  Snow snow everywhere … It must be piled 4-5 feet deep along the edges of anything paved. And any public area with a parking lot looks like a Himalayan landscape.  Some of these mounds look like they will still be with us on the 4th of July.

Anyways, it’s a real mood killer.

So what’s the neophyte blogger’s solution?

I think I have to develop some likely themes for those Geez-what-do-I-write-about moments.  This will at least give me ideas for subject matter that can be developed during these dry times.  And I think, once I clue people I know into my secret little project here, I can solicit ideas they might have for promising topics.  That is assuming I end up deciding that this venture is worth someone actually viewing it.

We’ll see.

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