“Reagan” on HBO

If you get a chance, check out the HBO documentary on Ronald Reagan. It does a great job describing the man, his early – and unusual – background for a conservative figure, and the myths that have grown around the legend.

I thought it was a well-balanced treatment of a great figure in American leadership!

2 thoughts on ““Reagan” on HBO

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Interesting that you thought it well balanced. I know another conservative-leaning friend who saw it and thought it quite upsetting and biased. She felt that it trashed Reagan. I guess we all just have to watch for ourselves, if so inclined, and make up our own minds.


    • I think it’s always important to keep an open mind about historical figures. I loved Reagan for the leadership he provided the country. But he was human, and he made his share of mistakes. Trickle-down economics didn’t work out as advertised, and the economy suffered for it. And his acquiescence on Iran-Contra was the kind of thing other Presidents would have been roasted over an open fire for.

      I still think he was one of the best Presidents we’ve had in my lifetime regardless of his blemishes.


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