Friday musings …

  • The pictures and stories out of the Pacific Rim this morning are both frightening and awe-inspiring.  Nature in its most primal form is downright overwhelming.  Hopefully the people of Japan, familiar with and prepared for deep earth violence, will not suffer huge losses; will get all the necessary assistance they will need from the international community; and will bounce back quickly. 
  • Been checking in with my brother, who lives in Long Beach, CA, on the progress of the tsunami.  Was a bit apoplectic when he texted me saying he was sitting in the parking lot of the marina!  Fortunately at the time he had a few hours to kill before the lot might become a lake.      
  • Made The Philadelphia Inquirer Letters to the Editor on Wednesday with a message about Lincoln’s struggle with slavery.  Always nice to see one’s name in print!
  • Courtesy of Kim, who e-mailed me on the above letter … If you haven’t discovered The New York Times series Disunion, a day-by-day accounting of the news and reportings on The Civil War and the months building to Fort Sumter, you should check it out.  Any history nut would LOVE this retrospective.  I just started trying to catchup with the series that started in October, and already I’m hopelessly hooked!
  • Another neat website, stumbled upon via the NYT Disunion series, is this for the Architect of the Capitol.  The site provides virtual tours of D.C. buildings, a commemoration of Lincoln, and education on the National Hall’s collection of statuary.
  • The crocuses are popping through the chilly soil and our Phillies tickets arrived in the mail!  Spring must be right around the corner!!
  • My oldest son, a Millersville University student, sent me a Facebook message in semi-jest that he was going to bill his mother and me for the added costs on his future tuition because we supported Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania’s new governor, who announced significant reduction in education subsidies for the next state budget cycle.  Of course being the good liberal my son is, he neglected to mention that the only reason his recent college costs had been mitigated is the fact that education in the state had been subsidized by the stimulus packages granted by the federal government.  Since that financing is no longer available, Pennsylvania education subsidies are simply returning to 2008 levels.  My no-jest response was that he could deduct the costs from his drum corps bill, which was in the thousands for the three years he competed. 
  • By the way, he’s currently vacationing in Punta Cana.  And I’m sitting here … in chilly, wet Pennsylvania! 
  • After my recent rant about my inability to enjoy no boundaries, no limits jazz, I found it quite possible to enjoy Yusef Lateef’s album, Eastern Sounds.  Of course it did have a bit more in structure and boundaries than did Wynston Marsalis.

4 thoughts on “Friday musings …

  1. Is spring break going on for your oldest son already and is Punta Cana a popular destination for the college crowd these days?

    I like your response to your son re college costs. The young will have their liberal leanings. As Winston Churchill said, “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”
    Yep, your brother spent some time yesterday sitting in the marina with his golf buddy, waiting to see if tsunami waves were going to wash away his buddy’s yacht. We were only under an advisory in this area, which happen pretty frequently, so Pat knew it would be no big deal but buddy couldn’t relax and go play golf until the danger time had passed and the huge waves failed to appear.

    Phillies tickets arrived already, yay! Do you have the same season ticket deal this year that you had a couple of years ago?

    Your links sound interesting, thanks.

    Congrats on getting your Letter to the Editor published. Kudos!


    • Actually, Mike was simply on a long-planned vacation. And in case you did not hear, Mike asked Janelle to marry him yesterday. I’m sure she’s weighing her options. Expect a lo-o-ong engagement.


  2. Absolutely no tsunami impact seen in Ca’s Orange County and limited evidence of impact in Los Angeles County. Very dramatic video of devastation elsewhere, scary stuff.


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