California Dreamin’

Having just spent 12 days vacationing in sunny (when it wasn’t foggy) California, it was time to venture back to reality and the “joy” of returning to work.  And an ominuos beginning it was.

Woke up to a weather report that included flash flood warnings for low-lying areas of Montgomery County, so it seemed like I never left!  Actually had a dream where I rolled over in bed to a beautiful blue sky full of puffy white clouds and the warm California sun gently caressing my face.  Of course I was actually just half-asleep – obviously suffering from the effects of jet lag – and standing in front of the bathroom sink; the facial warmth provided by the blinding glare of the vanity high-beams.  The protruding toothbrush and flavor of Crest should have been the first clue.

The worst moment of the day however, was pulling up to the security gate at work (not until 10:00 a.m., mind you) and viewing a pitch-black sky that promised the imminent arrival of a drenching downpour.  (A more appropriate segue from vacation-to-salt mine I dare you to find!)  Of course said soaking rain waited very patiently for me to park and exit my vehicle before commencing to further dampen my already soggy spirit.     

Ah … September in Philly!

Needless to say, the rest of the day could have been worse … and was.  Did you get the mandatory training done?  Where’s your labor input??  Your program funding was half-a-month short!  Did you sign those approvals yet?  The contractor wants to know where those documents are! 

If it hadn’t been for both Atlanta and Boston getting booted out of the MLB playoff picture last night, I would have just curled up in the fetal position under the desk.  Oh well … Enough about me.

I know you have all missed me while I was gone; so I’ll give you a look at what I plan to talk about for the next few weeks.  And in no way is any of this intended to make you jealous or uncomfortable about the state of Mike’s life.  (OK, maybe just a little …)  

  • A Yankee in La La Land
  • The wonders of golf at Pebble Beach
  • Pebble Beach?!?  Wait ’til you play Spyglass Hill!! 
  • Eating my way through California
  • Mission Viejo: How mountain lions and rattlesnakes cured my slice (almost)

Of course somewhere in there I also have to work in a few posts about some important local political fodder.  But it’s going to take a week or so for me to regain the frame of mind needed to do that justice. 

In the meantime, GO PHILLIES! 

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