On this Veterans Day …

(I can think of no better way to erase the nasty aftertaste left by Tuesday’s election outcome – for me anyway – than to reflect on the sacrifice of those who make such an Exercise of Freedom possible!) 

It is way too easy to repeat the suggestion to seek out a veteran or current military member and “Thank them” for their service.  That seems like such an inadequate approach towards what is – for many of us – an incomprehensible level of commitment and devotion.

(I did hear an even better admonition this morning, one that said to the effect “Don’t just thank a veteran; Hire one!”)

In addition to all those good ideas, try to imagine yourself called – from your cozy, mundane, safe life – into a scenario like Omaha Beach, Antietam, Hue, or Baghdad and attempt to measure yourself against the danger, the death, the incredible dedication required of those who went there no doubt reluctantly but bravely, and successfully performed their duty.

Then take that a step further, and reflect on all those hundreds-of-thousands who did all that yet never returned.

Somehow just saying “Thank you!” doesn’t seem to be nearly enough.

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