A loss not small

A friend of mine lost someone close yesterday.

He wasn’t a relative, a coworker, or a golf partner.  He wasn’t even human.

My friend had to put to rest his dog. 

Buddy was big fluffy bear of a Golden Retriever. He was as friendly and as frumpy as they come. Clumsy with his tail as a drunken, one-armed paper hanger. Many a glass was swept off the coffee table by that large golden windshield wiper.

When we played poker at his house, Buddy would greet me at the door by sticking his muzzle between my legs until I relented and gave him his due greeting. 

I’ll miss him too!

3 thoughts on “A loss not small

  1. Great post, great photo, I am glad to see that the old dog could enjoy his senior years. There has never been an unlovable Golden Retriever in history.


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