Cranky Man’s Lawn tips for Southeast Pennsylvania

Dude … It’s February!  Even I’m not THAT obsessive.

But I’ll throw my faithful followers a few bones …

  • February is a good time to get your lawn equipment in top working condition.  Start looking into qualified lawn mower repair and maintenance businesses. Compare prices and get your mower in for its seasonal tune up now.  If you are a dedicated mower or you did not have your mower serviced last year, make sure the service person replaces the mower’s cutting blade.
  • Read up on aerating, fertilizing, dethatching, and other lawn-health related topics.  Only you have the best, closest perspective on what your lawn needs.
  • With that in mind, pick a good weather day and complete a walk-around survey of your lawn.  Note bad spots where thinning or bare areas exist. Look for spots where thick dead growth lies just beneath or even blocks out underlying grass plants (dethatching). 
  • Consider the amount of traffic your lawn saw last year from children, pets, equipment (like your mower), activities (parties, sports, play) and consider the benefits of aerating your lawn during the early, wet Spring.

In short, get ready for another lawn season.  The time you spend and planning you do today can help your lawn tomorrow, and will give your lawn the best shot at surviving the hottest stretches of the upcoming summer. 

One last tip:  If you are on the down slope of Hill 50, consider using this time before Spring to work on your body’s core muscle groups.  Nothing will put you behind your Lawn Schedule like a balky back!

5 thoughts on “Cranky Man’s Lawn tips for Southeast Pennsylvania

    • There are seed products that CLAIM to work in shaded areas; but to be honest, I’ve never had to use them. I believe any of the tips here might help.

      Specifically, I would suggest – when planting any seed – that 1) You prep the ground a bit by breaking up the soil to about 1 inch deep, and smooth it out, 2) After you apply the seed cover it with a thin coating (just enough to cover) of good topsoil or even peat moss.

      Breaking up the ground gives the seed nooks and crannies to get a foothold. And covering the seed with soil or peat keeps the birds off and helps retain moisture. The biggest mistake you can make is throwing down seed and letting it lay there bare to dry out, wash away or get eaten.

      And DON’T forget to water it LIGHTLY every day … twice a day if hot and dry.

      Good luck, and check back to et us know how it’s going.


  1. Hey, I planted all the seeds last year, now it’s time for my disciples to do a bit of the work!

    I firmly believe that you if give a man a lawn tip you green his world for a season. But if you teach him how to mow you green his world for a lifetime!


  2. Tips….? Looks like Cranky Man is making the blog reader do all the leg work regarding pre-season lawn care. Include some Cranky Pilates for lawn care core strengthening at least…….


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