Cranky Man for America!

I struggled with this post for the better part of a week.  I wanted to try something different … a bit tongue-in-cheek.  A chance to spout off a bit about the current GOP primary cycle.  But I couldn’t come up with the right tone through this “brainstorm” of mine that would help generate a healthy debate over the woeful state of our national politics.

Here follows the first part of the drafted post. 

It is with Pride in America and Commitment to its Fundamental Beliefs that I announce my availability for Nomination as the Republican Party’s candidate for President of the United States of America! 

I stand ready to serve should The Party remain uncommitted and un-commitable to its current slate of candidates.

I cannot describe this effort as a “run” for the Presidency. 

As one with the 99%, I neither possess the funds nor the connections to launch a full throttle charge for the Nation’s Highest Office.  This will be more like a Stroll Towards Pennsylvania Avenue.  And – as befits a man who writes a blog dedicated in part to his Passion for Lawn Turf, this will have to succeed as a true Grass Roots Movement!

The post went on and on – much more so than I am willing to admit – as if I was half-heartedly tossing my hat in the ring, hoping to be carried into The Oval Office on the shoulders of the 99%. 

But even as I intended it as a humorous verbal assault on Hubris and the failings of Political Ambition, I realized I sounded politically ambitious and full of hubris.  Go figure!

I also came to realize, it’s not really all that funny.  And it’s certainly not limited to this cycle’s waning stable of GOP candidates, or even just the Presidential part of our National Politics. 

And so, like a few other blog ideas that sounded great as they bounced around in my head, I have abandoned that effort and decided on a more direct discussion of why National Politics in America Suck … is so frustrating. 

Maybe you all can help me figure out why.

More on this later.  Right now I’ve got to take a shower and get this icky feeling off me!

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