A little Mikie time …

Holy dress shopping, Batman!  (A subject for another post in the near future.  Dress shopping, not Batman … Although if you haven’t seen it, you really should check out the story of a true Batman hero working to benefit sick children in Maryland.  Really inspirational stuff!) 

Anyways, back to my train of thought … such as it us.

Holy dress shopping, Batman!  No one’s home … I have the day off … And the short Honey Do List has been (almost) completed!!

What to do?!?

Why not crank up the iPod and write some new blog stuff???  Alrighty then …

And if you’re itchy to get the baseball season started, take a look at my new blog covering the Phillies 2012 campaign at http://section135.mlblogs.com/!!

Our first game for our ticket plan is Tuesday night’s exhibition against the Pirates!

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