What qualifies one to serve as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General?

As a registered Republican voter and local committeeman, I tend to stay out of Democrat primary contests.  But I appreciate the benefit of having Minority Party participation in positions like Attorney General and Comptroller.  In my opinion, such an arrangement – regardless of which party is in the majority – ensures a system of checks-and-balances that instills confidence in Government. 

 There is no better firewall from the abuses of power than having someone from your opposing party holding onto the purse strings or being the Chief Law Enforcer.  Even if you inherently don’t trust Government, you should find comfort in such arrangements.  

So with this in mind, I must ask the following question …

How is Patrick Murphy qualified to be Pennsylvania’s Attorney General?

Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy

Not a problem is Murphy”s failure to take the Pennsylvania Bar Exam.  Lawyers may take the bar in one state and get licensed by other states based on the out-of-state test results.  Murphy claims to have taken Wisconsin’s Bar Exam simply because Wisconsin was known for releasing Bar Exam results faster than other states. including Pennsylvania.  One caveat I add here is the extent to which the PA Bar might be tailored to cover Pennsylvania-specific laws, guidelines, and requirements.

What is an issue is that Patrick Murphy has NEVER prosecuted a criminal case in Pennsylvania!  This is a MAJOR ISSUE!  How does one present themselves as AG material having NEVER experienced a Pennsylvania criminal court.  He’s never been before the judges; never worked with public defenders; never worked with, perhaps never even met the Commonwealth’s AG personnel; has never been a part of PA Justice system’s political network.

I don’t get it.  It’s very difficult to conclude that Murphy would be the Most Qualified to fill the Attorney General’s office.  To me, it smacks of a politician simply look for a paycheck and a place to hang his hat until something better comes along.  Murphy joined other AG candidates in promising to serve their full terms; yet he’s already violated one promise to avoid negative campaign ads just days after making it.  So go figure …

I do not profess to know what Patrick Murphy’s eyes are on.  But I doubt it’s staying on as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General if a more sexy political opportunity arose. 

Kathleen Kane

Kathleen Kane, on the other hand, has served as an Assistant District Attorney for Lackawanna County.  She has fought crime, insurance fraud, sexual abuse and murderers here in Pennsylvania!

A far better choice … if you ask me … as an interested outsider who appreciates the benefits of a highly qualified investigative and enforcement watchdog.

Although I applaud Murphy’s service in the U.S. Army – in Bosnia and Iraq – and the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps.  I just do not believe that experience makes him The Best Choice for Attorney General.  As a Republican, I could see myself voting for Kathleen Kane, not so Patrick Murphy.

The Republican Party has settled on David Freed, current Cumberland County District Attorney since 2006 with DA experience in York and Cumberland County since 1997.  He is obviously well qualified! 

Donald A. Bailey, a civil rights lawyer and perennial Pennsylvania political candidate – for everything from Congressional Representative to Governor – is also running as an independent. 

No Democrat has held the office of Attorney General in Pennsylvania since it became an elected office in 1980.

2 thoughts on “What qualifies one to serve as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General?

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    • You know, I hadn’t really considered that the PA Bar Exam would address laws, regulations, guidelines or professional requirements specific to Pennsylvania. Although it’s a generally accepted practice (from what I know), it does also point to another gap in Murphy’s Pennsylvania resume’.


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