Another lost weather weekend …

Rain, rain

Stay away,

And watch my lawn

Bake all day.


Ugh … This Summer is lining up to be one long, hot, dry season of discontent.  I have already noticed some dried out and yellow patches on the front lawn, which gets pounded day-in and day-out by the sun with no real shade.

So this evening I will be dragging out the hose and watering stretches of the front yard … in April!!  I know I’m being a bit obsessed about this, but this is not good … for anyone.

You would do well by your lawn to see if similar damage is already occurring!  If it is, you should consider watering as well.  Keep praying for a stretch of rainy days … REAL rain, not this sprinkle dinkle crap.  A nice 3-4 day soaking …

We need it … badly!

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