Lights .. Camera .. Now what was I going to say?

The above title fairly summarizes the level of anxiety I was feeling as the lights came up and the lump in my throat refused my orders to “cease and desist” as I made my first foray into the world of taped-live political TV!  My brain refused to disengage from a memory bank containing several sweat-filled, bumbling presentations before live audiences during my school years or from time-to-time in my early work career.

Those conditions have gotten better over time and with real-life practice; yet it’s not easy to shake those nagging fears. 

Would I freeze in mid-sentence for what seemed like minutes as my speech faculty searched for a word I know I have used thousands of time before, but which is now playing hide-‘n-seek with my panic-addled brain?  Would my facial expression betray a panicked state?  Would I mumble, stumble, take a tumble?

Well, it all panned out rather nicely on Tuesday night in a small, nondescript recording studio in Glenside, PA. 

The cast of characters … Hatboro Mike is second from right.

I think I avoided sounding like an incoherent babbling brook.  I did not spray spittle on camera.  I was able to keep it together.  Then again, I haven’t seen the tape yet …

You always … at least I do … look at your performance in these situations with a hyper-critical eye.  I think I was a bit too stiff; reluctant to “go for the throat” as one co-commentator did; maybe a little over-prepared … to many talking points, not enough free-thinking give ‘n take.

Oh well … This was my first exposure to this medium.  So we’ll chalk it up to a first-time experience and look to improve our stage presence!. 

Abington News and Views will air Off the Record (The title might be changed due to its use elsewhere.) Friday, May 11 at 7:00 PM EDT.

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