Out, Damned Holes!

The holes! Those holes!

Rippling through my cloud-like lawn,

Leaving grass entrails

In bright greens and dark fawn.

Those holes, damn holes … Could be moles

Or voles or Middle Earth lawn trolls.

Had one not known better, they might just consider

This a violent protest by the Lawn Antifa!

Now just settle down, you bloody lawn neophyte!

Both knowledge and experience doth shine a bright light

Where the untrained Turf Brain might see disaster,

The wise, old Lawn Prophet sees good health for your pasture!


How core aerator works

Not quite Shakespeare,
Not quite Milton …

In other words, it’s The Best Time of the Year to aerate your Lawn!

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How Aeration benefits your Lawn


2 thoughts on “Out, Damned Holes!

  1. Mike, you’d hate my lawn. The soil is sandy (Northeast Wisconsin) and with over an acre of grass there is a lot of it, both sand and grass. I mow it, and nothing else.

    Back in Holland (Bucks County) I was meticulous but the lawn was MUCH smaller. But here I just don’t worry about it. Between the gardens, the chickens, the dogs and a backyard that consists of several hundred acres of untouched forest I’ve decide the lawn isn’t that important to me anymore.

    Hey, get over to the Red Lion. Gus hasn’t mentioned you. Don’t tell him you know of me till after the meal otherwise…well…let’s leave that one alone for now…


    • You so disappoint me. Part of the challenge sometimes is seeing if you can make something grow on concrete-like surfaces!
      I have only been to The Red Lion once in the last year or two. But I will make an effort to get there …


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