A Wedding in the Family …

Janelle Lynn and Mike Shortall (Jr.)

Been kinda quiet here for the last few weeks, and an explanation is in order.

Just returned from four days in the Williamsport, Pennsylvania area for the wedding of our eldest son, Mike Jr., who married a local gal, Janelle Waltz from Montoursville.  It’s definitely official now, as they have both updated their Facebook statuses!

If you have never been there, the area is absolutely beautiful in mid-September.  We had four of the best days imaginable, given the perfect weather, great company, and lush backdrop the surrounding hills provided for a truly memorable event.

The past few weeks have been crammed with wedding preparations, bar supply runs, stresses both natural to the situation, self-inflicted, and a bit crazy, like a dog that refused to accept the amenities of an experienced dog sitter.  (Don’t ask!)  On top of that add in the worries all parents carry with them when their children take another huge step in Life.

Hopefully I haven’t lost too many of you in the meantime.  Writing just hasn’t been at the top of the Priorities List.

Promise to post more info and pics later.  However at the moment, I’m a bit hung over and worn out.

So for now, allow me to welcome Janelle Lynn Waltz to the Shortall family!  Mike Jr. has made an excellent choice, both for himself and for the Shortall family!

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