Who would YOU want just a heartbeat away from The Oval Office?

I hope that independents and undecideds were watching last night, and realized who has been only a heartbeat away from the Presidency the last four years!  And the next four, should Obama-Biden get re-elected.

If Condescension is a gradeable debate quality, then certainly Joe Smirky Face carried the night.  At least he covered much of the ground President Obama slept through in last week’s debate without noting that the middle class has been buried for the last four years.  But the truly troubling aspect was seeing Biden smiling and laughing during discussions of Americans being killed in Libya and the possibility of Iran successfully developing nuclear weapons!

What was THAT?!?

Paul Ryan accomplished exactly what he needed to prove.  That he’s a serious man; well schooled in the issues of the day; and sharp enough to be an exceptional Vice President.  He did not allow Biden’s cavalier antics to derail his focus or move him off message. He stood his ground; and pushed back when Biden attempted to play his game of dismissiveness. 

Truth be told, the debate was a lot closer than the two-touchdown Presidential blowout in Denver last week.  And those of us on both sides will never agree on who won.  But I really, really hope the voters who were undecided before last night took a long look at who would be a heartbeat away from the Presidency after the November 6 election.

The contrast was remarkable!

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