A beautiful day in late October

She glided down the aisle on a cloud of Whethers.

Will this work?  Is he the right guy?

I would never answer for her, although I do try.


None of life’s challenges ever bested that feeling

Of watching her approach as I stood beaming.  

The road ahead would be rocky for sure,

That she came anyway gave me the Courage to endure.


Twenty-seven years of a journey through pages

Of happiness, worries, a few battles for the ages.

We struggled sometimes, had laughs we still share,

Three incredible kids made it all worth the wear.


Now we look forward to those years not yet golden.

So many experiences still there to be holdin’

Each other in arms that stretch back to that day

When despite all uncertainty she came anyway!


Happy anniversary, Honey!

When I look back at how far we have come, it’s a breath-taking view!

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