From the shoulder of Hurricane Sandy

Yeah, I know … Not quite as sexy as being in the Eye of Sandy, but hopefully this is as close as we get to it!

We’re getting heavier rain now in squalls.  You can actually hear the approaching gusts of wind from well off in the distance, way before they reach you.  Damage – so far – is nonexistent.  Just rain …. But the worst is still off the Jersey coast, I expect.

You often think the buildup to these once-every-50/100-years/lifetime storms that the reality – once it finishes the 8-day trek through the internet, the National Weather alerts, the local TV “meteorologists” (I always get a laugh there.), the FEMA/State/County warnings – seems a bit disappointing.

But then again, I’m sitting roughly 90 miles away from the surf and ocean, atop one of the highest elevations in Montgomery County, PA … Snug as a bug in a rather dry rug.  I’m not out there dealing with the really nasty stuff.

And even if you’re not down on the coast, dodging a rising surf and debris, there are plenty of people living not far at all from where I sit – typing away about nothing of value – who are facing the very real threat of severe water damage to their homes and livelihoods.  They live in low-lying areas, near rivers and creeks, they watch with trepidation every rain squall that’s blows our way.

Friends and family you want nothing to harm or threaten.

That’s when you realize this is no simple matter, nothing that can – or should – be downplayed.

You don’t need your life threatened to have your way of life threatened.

Good luck to all who are out there dealing with a more threatening reality!

3 thoughts on “From the shoulder of Hurricane Sandy

  1. Yes, I am indeed paying the price for my inexcusable impatience and over-confidence. Still without power after roughly 66 hours. Just goes to show you, don’t believe everything you read on the internet!


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