Diet by App (March 4)

What have you lost for me lately?  3.5 lb. adult desert cottontail

What have you lost for me lately? 3.5 lb. adult desert cottontail

More progress!

Down to 232.6 this morning, which translates to a 3.4 pound loss so far.  So we are roughly on track for my one-and-a-half pound a week target!

Guys and their Games

I have come to realize that part of my willingness to stay Honest in the way I use the Lose It! app is my philosophy about cheating in golf.  As a golfer, I always had the philosophy that whenever you outright cheat at keeping score, the only person you are really fooling is Yourself.

Don’t get me wrong.  Usually when we play, we don’t play entirely by the Royal and Ancient/PGA/USGA Rules. Afterall, we’re – almost all – still very part-time players and fulltime hackers.  So we make little concessions to our Playing Abilities, in order to make the Game reasonably fun and not too much a hair-pulling exercise in frustration.  It simply keeps us coming back, instead of chucking the sticks into the nearest estuary.

Of course, if one of us starts out with an honest 2-over after four holes, the microscopes do come out.  As they should …

My point is, when it comes down to it, we know what an honest score looks like if we know the player.  So when someone tells us they bogied the 8th, when we saw them under the bushy evergreen laying 3, they aren’t fooling anyone but themselves!

But I digress …

I have found that I’m much more likely to lie to myself with that late-night binge or the sleight-of-hand pass over the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the fridge if I’m not Keeping Score!  But put a scorecard in my hand, be it from Belle Vista Golf Course in Gilbertsville or a seemingly innocuous diet app on my iPhone, I seem compelled to be a Goody Two Strokes!

Whatever … Golf-type guilt seems to work.

Lessons Learned

Still having problems with the snacking, even when being an Honest (Ben) Hogan.  And while looking for helpful alternatives, I got my self addicted to Frosted Mini Wheats!  With only 189 calories for a serving of 21 pieces, it seemed like a win-win, until I tried stopping at 21.  Not easy at all … Probably has something to do with the sweet, hint-of-salt combination.

On the good side, try snacking on kettle corn.  Popcorn Indiana brand Gourmet Kettlecorn is just 130 calories for a 2-cup serving size.  You still might face the problem of stopping at one serving; but if you slide past the third-base coach’s stop sign, you can still keep away from a really big number.  And you might be able to find the really big bag at Sam’s Club!

vile weed

vile weed

Another thing I have learned is that there are good diet iced teas out there.  Being a big ice tea drinker, finding an acceptable switch was tough.  Hated Lipton’s version when I tried it; but Turkey Hill makes several good diet alternatives including their regular Diet Iced Tea and their Diet Green Tea.

And finally, my spousal unit has been very supportive in the diet effort, even surprising me one night last week with a Lobster dinner!  I like steamed broccoli; but I swear, you have to bathe cauliflower in cheese or chocolate sauce to make that vile weed enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Diet by App (March 4)

  1. good job cranky keep logging it will pay off one suggestion for the ice tea would be the crystal light product of flavored teas very good and zero to very little cals and can be found in the aforementioned Sam’s Club


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