Diet by App (March 11)

What have I lost so far?  Appropriate given today's lesson!

Our “What have I lost?” picture is appropriate for the failures cited in this post!

This is the 200th post to appear on Cranky Man’s Lawn!  Thanks for reading! – Mike

A disappointing week …

Dropped only 0.6 lb., getting down to an even 232 from 232.6 on March 4.  Although this is a disappointment, at least I know it’s not the “Lose It!” app that failed. No, it was the definitely The App-ee!

I am playing a bit too coy and calculating with my calorie limit; thinking at times that I have “all these unused calories” to burn through, so why not enjoy a temptation or two.  As a result, I end up pushing up to the edge of the calorie limit, then beyond it in my over-exuberance to enjoy my over-abundance of under-utilized venial sin demerits.

(A word about our “What have I lost?” picture of the week … I was surprised to find out, what used to be a 5 lb bag of sugar has lost 20% of its weight!  When did this happen?  And did the PRICE come down 20% too?!? 

Yes, I’m being facetious!)

As a result, this past week showed me 350 calories over my calorie limit (1999 cal) for the week, where I had been between 150-800 calories under budget my previous 3 weeks.  The worst part is being over budget on 5 of the 7 days!

Not good …

Part of the trap here, I think, is the mind game you play when you rely on the exercise credits Lose it! allows.  You start bargaining with yourself.

“Hey, we’re 600 calories under for the week …”


No, the “bargaining” didn’t take long at all.

An ostrich egg (right) also weighs in at about 4 lbs.

An ostrich egg (right) also weighs about 4 lbs.

This is still an education for me.  Even in failure you should learn something about yourself or about whatever it is you seek.

I’m still learning.

So, I will endeavor to maximize my under-budget calories whenever possible, even if it means eating fruit, nuts, and tree bark instead of the my usual guilty pleasures.  And now that the weather is turning for the better, get some exercise on days when I don’t hit the gym.

Here’s hoping for greater strength and a bit more progress!

4 thoughts on “Diet by App (March 11)

  1. Well, if you thought Wednesday was bad … But I have a reasonable excuse. It was my sons birthday!

    So, as is our tradition, the Birthday-ee picks the restaurant; and Brian selected the Bone Fish Grill on Rt 611 in Willow Grove. Now that would NORMALLY Have been a good thing, given the general low-calorie attributes of water food, and yet …

    First off, we simply LOVE the Bang Bang Shrimp at BFG; so of course, we order two BBS appetizers! Bad enough … But I did order the Orange Roughie special that had with scallops and shrimp. Very, very good and less than 200 calories with steamed broccoli, although I did ignore the garbanzo beans because … well, I hate garbanzo beans!

    Unfortunately before we actually ate dinner, the situation got a bit out-of-hand. First off, I couldn’t resist and ordered a margarita that weighed in at healthy 420 calories (12 oz.) by my estimation. Then our dinner entrees were late coming out of the BFG kitchen.

    The one thing I will say about BFG, especially the one in WIllow Grove, is that they stay on top of their guests’ eperience by being totally upfront in recognizing problems. ONce we began wondering where our dinners were, and without prompting our waiter, the manager came over to explain an issue in the kitchen and to assure us he was on top of it.

    He then promptly blew up my Lose It! app by returning to say he was picking up BOTH our appetizers AND providing us FREE DESERTS!! So, this is becomes one of those Magic Moments where you test yourself.

    Unlike the Titanic, I can see the iceberg coming from MILES AWAY, and yet, I’m fascinated by the ice, the ice is beautiful and mesmerizing. I WANT the ice. So I steered right into a BFG chocolate cream brulet (450 cal)! And I was down at the bow, sinking fast in no time …

    Then the obligatory birthday cake. And I end up a whopping 300 calories over budget for the day! Fortunately, due to my really, really good start to the week, I’m still 219 calories UNDER budget for the week.

    I’m just glad I don’t have 12 or 13 kids!

    The bad part is I wasn’t able to get to the gym after Tuesday due to a number of commitments. So the plan for recovery is to get some significant exercise over the weekend, whether I like it or not.


  2. Wednesday: Not a good day … Chose a starch-laden Baja Bowl for dinner – instead of a salad bowl or something lighter – when we took a trip up to Montgomeryville to visit my son at work at the Baja Fresh restaurant on Rt 309.

    That 680 calorie dish started a trend that culminated with a double chocolate chip cookie plunge (The 6-inch kind, not two little CHips Ahoy!s.) after getting depressed watching the Philadelphia Flyers stagger through a 5-2 lashing at the hands of the New Jersey Devils.

    Should have watched Survivor instead! End up a whopping 192 calories over for the day; but am still 500+ under budget for the week.


  3. New thing … WIll try to enter each day’s progress as a comment to the previous week’s review.

    Monday was a very good day. Stuck to the script. Didn;t get all cutesy with the calorie allotment. Still had room for a little self-indulgence after working hard at the gym. But MOST IMPORTANTLY ended the day 500 calories under budget!!


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