Birthday ode to a Little Bro

Pat Shortall: Pure ball striker

Sweet-swingin’ golf retiree

Sing along to the tune from Monty Python’s “He’s a Lumberjack“!

Canadian Mounties should be in full dress uniform.





Pat’s a ‘Lil Bro, and he’s OK

Though 6 foot 2, a Little Brother anyway.

(Repeat refrain)

He’s retired now, doesn’t work very hard,

Facebook posts when he cleans his car!

Plays golf throughout the South of Cal;

More posts when he’s eats with his favorite gal!

(Repeat refrain and stanza)

He likes to BBQ, has his own smokehouse,

Criss-crosses the country with his enabling spouse.

On some days he goes a gyming

And drinks Arnold Palmer teas!

(Repeat stanza and refrain)

Home Opening Day; he laments his station

So far away from the Phillies Nation.

When he gets to cheer them at the Dodgers’ place,

He pleasures in annoying the local fan base!

(Repeat etc., etc.)

Yes, Pat’s a special Brother and he’s damn OK,

And we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Instead of sending belated Birthday cards,

 I’m a quick-thinking, though defective bard!

(Etc. Etc. …) 

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Blue & Gold – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Orange – Philadelphia Flyers

Red – Philadelphia Phillies

Green – Philadelphia Eagles

2 thoughts on “Birthday ode to a Little Bro

  1. Wow, Mike, thanks for the original song-craft. I was quite intrigued by the color scheme, I remember rhyme schemes but not color schemes in poetry.


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