Primary colors

Turnout in the Horsham 1-3 is approaching 10% (84 voters).  Not sure whether to be relieved that we might hit my 125 prediction or go take a nap …

Both maybe ….?

* * * * * *

So Pennsylvania’s DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was struck down today.  Am I a bad person for not caring … Neither celebrating or belaboring …

is it OK that I never cared what others do in the privacy of their own world to express whatever love they feel?

Is it OK that accepting the concept of Personal Liberty, brought here in The Declaration of Independence – that makes this country so strong – leads me to the conclusion that I should have no feeling or take no action one way or the other?

Is it OK to be of the mind that I have way too much to manage in my own life to have the time, energy, or desire to manage everyone else’s life?

Can I rightfully believe that we have way too many and much more important issues and problems facing us than this?

DOMA’s dead?  Wonderful …

Now can we get some REAL problems solved?!?


2 thoughts on “Primary colors

  1. Yes, it’s OK. As true conservatives we don’t see the issue as any of our business regardless of how we may feel about gay relationships on a personal or religious basis. It’s fine to be against homosexuality as a religious tenet but it’s not fine to force by law that others behave the same way.

    It’s simply none of our business what goes on between consenting adults in the privacy of their home.

    Our liberties allow for many different notions on what living a life means. That’s the genius of the Constitution… assures the right to live as one wishes, so long as that life doesn’t directly and negatively affect others. It’s fine if you love rap music…..just don’t make me have to hear it all day too. Of course, I might retaliate with Al Stewart. Yeah, see that gets us nowhere. Now add a little responsibility and respect and everything runs with peace.

    I have to wonder at those who claim it destroys the family nucleus, that it causes harm to their kids. Are their values and tenets so weak that a small portion of the population can destroy them?

    Mike, it’s OK. In fact admirable.


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