It’s never too late to start a new career!

OK, maybe it is.  After you view the following YouTube versions of May’s Abington News & Views you might just end up begging me to stay where I am and leave the airwaves (cable waves?) to the obviously more photogenic and youthful.

I’m in one of those funks where writing and the ability to develop interesting subject matter has left me.  Usually I get brainstorms in the shower (Sorry for the imagery there.), but soap and warm water are not even working at this point.  Enthusiasm and inspriation usually returns eventually.  At times like this I refuse to force the issue just for the sake of writing something …

As I’m doing right now, so enjoy the peace and quiet!

That being said, if you are so inclined, take a view of my first foray into the cable TV political fisticuffs sans the fists and the cuffs.  I really enjoyed my baptism under fire, though nerves had me stammering a bit.  So far as I have heard, I have not dramatically affected the prospects of local Abington cable TV politics one way or the other, so it’s quite possible I may be invited back.

If that does happen, I endeavor to learn from my initial exposure and seek continuous improvement!


Not sure why this was presented in four parts, but it makes selecting what you want to watch – or not watch – much easier.  If you do watch, I’d love to hear comments and criticisms.  Trust me I can take it … probably.

Part 1:  We discuss the qualifications of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the performance and prospects for re-election of President Obama, and Obamacare.

Part 2:  Panelists address the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman case, and the Pennsylvania State House race in Abington’s 153rd District.

Part 3:  We discuss Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law and the love fest between the new Montgomery County Commissioners Josh Shapiro, Leslie Richards and Bruce Castor.

Part 4:  Panelists discuss Abington Township’s new law protecting LGBT rights and wrap ups with statements of individual interest.

Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews can rest easy!

2 thoughts on “It’s never too late to start a new career!

  1. I fail to see how the moderator can claim Obama has not had a chance to enact his agenda, hasn’t he had both houses of the legislator, millions of Union foot soldiers, hundreds of thousands of unwashed Occuppiers and a 1000% compliant media?

    I also think the claim that Zimmerman acted “stupidly” is very debatable but I am glad that the panel agreed that he deserved a fair trial, give me a break.

    The Dr. was fired up, maybe a little bit too much, but a good personality to have on a forum.

    Voter ID designed to defeat Obama, please. If Iding voters is bad, I guess letting anyone vote is good? This Dem is a Card Check lover I am sure. I thought Cranky Man added good info to this segment because of his polling place experience.

    I think Cranky Man may be a bit overly critical about his performance, I thought for a first effort he did pretty respectably. He will be loaded for bear when his next mass media opportunity arises.


    • Thanks for the input. If I had a chance to “do over”, I would jump in a few times with objections to some of the very points you raised. I was admittedly a tad reluctant to press active rebuttals. And yes, I am a bit too critical of my on-camera persona.

      Those Democrats are a funny bunch, eh?


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