2 thoughts on “PA Voter ID Law upheld!

  1. And well it should be upheld. There is nothing wrong with voters having to prove they have the right and legal qualifications to use that right, primarily citizenship. I’ve heard the excuse that some voters are unable to obtain state issued ID. I call BS on that. How do those same people open a bank account, receive any governmental benefits, become employed, or deal with any of the numberous reasons we are required to produce ID? Truely, if your not able to obtain simple ID I have serious reservations those people have any business voting.

    Hey Mike, a bit off topic here but in about a month I’m moving far away to the deep woods of Wisconsin. 5 acres (4.5 virgin forest) 60ish miles north of Green Bay. I’ve had all I can take of the severe overcrowding of the Philly region, the high cost of living and (tinfoil hat time) feel a need to prepare for the coming events that are going to throw our nation into turmoil. But rest assured I’ll be reading your fine blog and contributing as I see reason to do so. At least until the lights go out.


    • You’re freaking me out and starting to sound like my “disaster prepper” son. Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

      Just make sure that tinfoil hat isn’t on too tight!


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