10,000 served!

Earlier this week, Cranky Man’s Lawn hit 10,000 page views!

As blogs go, it’s a very modest achievement, as the Big Boys on more serious media networks probably accumulate multiples of what has been slowly collecting here in a matter of hours or days.  But given this blog about nothing, written by a bit of a nobody, it’s a nice mark to hit.

I take a bit more credit for the number of readers added through some of the local media websites, like Patch, where many of the posts seen here are reproduced.

In any case, thanks to all those willing to listen to guy who vents a bit too much and whose biggest concern most days is the color of his lawn!

2 thoughts on “10,000 served!

  1. Why the unexplained photo of Cranky Man apparently on his soapbox? Could the blogger extraordinaire be venturing into public speaking?


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