Oops …

Big mistake talking about life on “From the Shoulder of Hurricane Sandy“, when indications were common that the worst of the storm hadn’t even approached!

I’m paying for it now, along with a couple hundred thousand of my closest friends.  Roughly 66 hours without power and absolutely miserable.

Landed a generator from my good friend, Bob, who was lucky enough to get re-energized a few days ago.  Amazing what a difference a little light and a TV can make in your Sanity Level!

On the other hand, we were so very, very fortunate.  And although I tend to post something semi-introspective and maybe a tad humorous on our reaction to being blown back into the early 19th century, I will only be able to do that knowing our situation could have been much, much worse.

Good luck to all those facing long-term displacement or the loss of homes.

8 thoughts on “Oops …

  1. A coveted personalized call-out on Cranky Man’s Lawn, by the Cranky Man himself
    – the most sought out prize among the many perks offered by the blog-o-sphere – was bestowed today. Bob, a good friend, Great American and noted humanitarian, rescued the entire KC Family, by virtue of a spare generator. In times of crisis, hefting cases of bottled water, government cheese and the like is one thing, but to toss down a generator while lights are out, blenders cannot blend, refrigerators cannot refrig, and worse of all the Civilized World and empty blog bandwidth is Cranky-free, is an act of Nobel Prize proportions for mankind trying to face one disaster, this storm, while in the terrible eye of another, unthinkable disaster, no Cranky guidance to soldier on through these trying times.

    Well done, Bob!


  2. Yeah, this storm on the whole wasn’t as bad as it gets though those most affected might beg to differ, and for good reason. Myself, I lived in South Florida when Andrew came through in 1992. The devastation went for 25 miles either side of the eye and completely destroyed 10’s of thousands of homes, plus businesses. As it came across the Gulfstream after hitting the Bahamas it looked like a giant buzzsaw, and then acted like one.

    I moved from Holland to Northern Wisconsin 5 weeks ago so had only to watch instead of deal with Sandy. But I have 3 daughters, two sisters and my mother in Bucks. So I know how your all doing there. Yep, it wasn’t that bad. Loss of power beats loss of home everytime.


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