The “G” word

How things like this start

How things like this get started

This was inevitable … the grandest development of being a Parent once the most active roles of being a Parent have run their natural course.

I’m going to be a Grandfather!

Yikes …

This is Great, don’t get me wrong.  But it’s more than a little intimidating.  Not that I find the “challenges” as difficult or the responsibilities particularly daunting.

It’s that G word …


I guess – after all these years considering the possibility and acknowledging the inevitability – I’m just not quite mentally prepared for such an esteemed and wordly title.

Damn, I’m getting old!

Congrats to Michael & Janelle, Jeanine & Jeff, Carol and Little Old Me!!

2 thoughts on “The “G” word

  1. Just when the world got over having people that have half your DNA, we get people with a quarter. Congratulations to all parties involved and many more.


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