Too soon for Monsoon?

rain2One thing to be said for living in the Mid-Atlantic states, if you hate the weather just wait a bit.  It will change.

This year Nature has bestowed upon us a Fifth Season!  The season of the Monsoon!

Now, I like a little variety in life, so the new season – though a bit overbearing with the flash floods, the swamped cars, the fast water rescues – is a nice novelty.

Horsham Road, 6:30 PM this evening

What your after-work commute might have looked like Friday evening

I would enjoy Monsoon Season much, much more had they not completely skipped over the mai-tais-on-the-beach-and-native-girls-in-grass-skirts part of tropical seasonings.

Where's my mai tai?!?

Where’s my mai tai?!?

Of course it could be a lot worse.  It could be January!!


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