Shower King

Ferris Bueller was certainly King of his shower!

Ferris Bueller was certainly
King of his shower!

Wonderful is the life of The King of the Castle!

After weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of travel to painstakingly select the finest materials from all The Land; begrudgingly indulging the persistent needs of The Craftsmen as they toiled to produce a suite suitable to the Household Royalty; and living in the relative squalor of cramped Guest Accommodations, this morning it was This Lord of This Castle’s decision to christen the newly renovated Monarch’s Personal Retreat and Shower Hall!

Merlin-esque plumbery

Merlin-esque plumbery

As I enjoyed the warm, luxurious stream of an opulently appointed Monument to Modern Plumbery, I marvelled at the wondrous gifts of Nature and almost Merlin-like Saucery that surrounded me.  I bathed in appreciation for the impressive talents of the Artisans of the Land.

As I completed the showering process …

(Sorry … No photography was allowed for obvious reasons of Taste and in the interest of preserving the Public’s Vision and Sanity.)

… in preparation for my day among The Inhabitants of the Realm, I recalled a recent admonition from The Queen of The Manor.

“You better make sure you squeegee the glass shower door!”

Huh …?

Now I’m pretty sure there was a “Your Highness” added to that suggestion, but I might be imagining that.

So there I was … in all my Royal Splendor this morning …

(Again … Sorry, no pics.)

OK ... Here's a pic.  Use your imagination.

OK … Here’s a pic.
Use your imagination.

Working that squeegee like a one-armed Royal Window Washer …

‘Cause – ya know – I needed the other hand to keep the towel properly positioned!

Anyways, if you ever want a Crown-worthy Challenge, try squeegeeing the lower portions of a glass shower door while attempting to maintain Your Royal Dignity!

Then please, tell me how many weeks I need to keep doing this silly housekeeping chore without invoking The Queen’s Wrath …

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