Because it’s mine

Was so, so close to having the garage finally cleared out from the renovations.

Plenty of room to move around.  No more playing Sliding Block Puzzle just to find the tool box.  Maybe even fit two cars in there for the snows expected tomorrow!

(Get your milk and bread! NOW!!)

And then it was finally time to get the father-in-law moved in.

Mike's Scratch 'n Dent

Mike’s Scratch ‘n Dent

I hate my life.

But my wife had some comforting words, “Stop whining.”

She doesn’t understand me.

2 thoughts on “Because it’s mine

  1. Good thing you’re not married to me……not that you’d wanna be (and it’s not legal in PA yet). But if you were, I’d be lobbying for chickens in there. So yeah, might wanna stop the whining. Besides, maybe the FIL has some cool stuff? An old Luger “bring-back”, a horde of silver coins, a deck of cards with naked chicks on them……..


    • We went through his bedroom this weekend in pack-up/dejunking mode.

      Just a suggestion … Make sure you clear out the more – uh – provocative stuff from your happy marriage BEFORE your kids have to do it for you.

      The laughs …


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