Diet by App – March 19

What have I lost so far?  What the ...?!?

What have I lost so far?
The creepy, gigantic Coconut Crab – minus trash can – weighs 6.6.lbs.!

Starting weight:  236 (Feb 18)

Goal Weight:  200

Plan:  Lose one-and-a-half pounds a week

Daily Calorie Budget:  1969 (Down from 2,020 at the start)

Goal Achievement:  August 3, 2013

Weight on March 11:  232.6

Weight today:  229.4

Two things popped into my head today while preparing this post.

The most obvious one was “What the fff … funnelcake is that creature?!?”, that resulted from my weekly Google image search to illustrate the weight I have shed (or haven’t).

That hideous looking Creature of God is the Coconut Crab, found in regions across the Indian Ocean and western Pacific where the much prettier coconut palm is indigenous .

Sorry, but that thing IS hideous; and I’m thrilled that I have shed it’s very creeping-me-out-now weight.

But the first thing that popped into my mind occurred this morning when I stepped on the scale and was shock at the number.  At that moment it became quite clear to me that I really do not have a clue how this diet thing works.

I actually put the weekly weigh-in off a day because I was certain that the news was not going to be good, or at least it was going to be roughly similar to last week’s measure, dropping only 0.6 lb.  When I saw that I had in fact lost 3.2 lbs. in ONE WEEK, I was flummoxed.

And so, for the first time in a while I am under the 230 mark!

This was not supposed to be a good week, even if I was 270+ calories UNDER budget for the week.  But that had been possible only after a sustained effort – over the weekend no less – to get back on program..

It certainly didn’t FEEL like a good week!  Thursday I over-indulged in the celebration of my son’s birthday – at Bonefish Grillagain.  Only this time we benefitted from a bad performance in the BFG kitchen; and we waited an extended period of time for our main entrees.

Normally, this would be a story about a crappy restaurant experience.  But that has not been the case at the Willow Grove version of the Bonefish Grill.  Unfortunately, my dieting effort would suffer a HUGE setback as the result of this Bone Fish error.

The management at this BFG always seems to be on top of the guest experience.  Almost as soon as we started wondering what had happened to our main course, the manager was at our table explaining the problem and ensuring a favorable outcome.  We only waited another 10 minutes for our food; yet in that short amount of time our manager had informed us that we would be comped our appetizers (Bang Bang Shrimp x2) and – dagger to the back of The Diet App – free deserts!

As a friend of mine is quite fond of saying, “If it’s free; it’s for me!”

“Lose It!” was not happy in the least.  Maybe it was my frantic touch-screen manipulations as I tried to determine which desert offering would do the LEAST amount of damage to the diet program.  Or it could have been what I eventually selected … the dreaded Chocolate Creme Brulee!

But if you listened closely, you could almost hear my diet app sighing.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the following day my wife of 27 years left me …


… for a cruise through the Caribbean!

Anxious and depressed, I celebr consoled myself in a guilt-filled bout of inappropriate snacking and mindless TV watching.  I was able to shake off the yearning and loneliness on Saturday and Sunday; getting some much-needed things done; and even squeezing in a bit of exercise in 40° wind chills between bouts of sleet and snow showers on Sunday.

That’s probably the biggest benefit of a diet app like “Lose It!”.  It gives you the opportunity to make up for short-sighted decisions by illustrating the damage done and then assisting you in determining what needs to done to get yourself back on track!

In any case, the results for the week just passed were simply surprising!

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