Diet by App – April 10

Two--week old lion cubs weigh about 8 pounds!

What have I lost so far? Two–week old lion cubs weigh about 8 pounds!

Starting weight:  236 (Feb 18)

Goal Weight:  200

Plan:  Lose one-and-a-half pounds a week

Daily Calorie Budget:  1969 (Down from 2,020 at the start)

Goal Achievement:  August 3 19

Weight on March 19:  229.4

Weight today:  228.0

Confession time … again …

I skipped one week of my extremely popular Diet by App updates so as not to expose my vast audience to another episode of Creepy Coconut Crab.  In short, it hasn’t been a real good dieting period.

Truth is, on Good Friday I stood at 227 pounds, down 9 for The Diet.  Then Easter weekend hit.  The boys – all three of them – were home, along with Michael’s charming wife, Janelle.  It’s a certifiable Life Event when we can get everyone in one place at the same time!

Sockeye salmon (foreground) also weighs in at 8 pounds of good eating!

Sockeye salmon (foreground) also weighs in at 8 pounds of good eating!

So take that Life Event and add in Carol’s penchant for making sure EVERYONE enjoys a momentous Easter sugar rush, including those on a diet, and violà!  Diet disaster …

It’s the Peeps!  They made me do it!

So now it’s two weeks later, and I’m trying to get back to where I was.  Not sure why it’s taken this long, considering I have been significantly under calorie budget for the two weeks since; but it has.

I suspect I’m still playing too loose with my calorie budget; and definitely eating the wrong things … still … in the evening hours.  I’m trying to change – or at least moderate – my snacking habit.  Every time I’m disappointed in my lack of progress, I am at least re-evaluating what I am doing and trying to change what I’m doing poorly.

The good news is … The Coconut Crab is history!

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