Out, Damned Holes!

The holes! Those holes!

Rippling through my cloud-like lawn,

Leaving grass entrails

In bright greens and dark fawn.

Those holes, damn holes … Could be moles

Or voles or Middle Earth lawn trolls.

Had one not known better, they might just consider

This a violent protest by the Lawn Antifa!

Now just settle down, you bloody lawn neophyte!

Both knowledge and experience doth shine a bright light

Where the untrained Turf Brain might see disaster,

The wise, old Lawn Prophet sees good health for your pasture!


How core aerator works

Not quite Shakespeare,
Not quite Milton …

In other words, it’s The Best Time of the Year to aerate your Lawn!

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How Aeration benefits your Lawn



Springtime State of Mind

It has been awhile, my friends.  Apologies to you all …

Spring is in the Air; and you hear that pleading call.

The whisper draws you out the door

Where Sun and Warmth do beckon.

You wonder somewhat confusingly

The haunting call’s creation.

You wonder here; pause over there

Listening for those plaintive pleas.

For Heaven’s sake, you hibernating bear,

Your Lawn screams for “Reprieve!”

Click here for your April LAP (Lawn Action Plan)!

The proof is in the pictures …


Yours truly,

Cranky Man’s Lawn

“Where the only things Cranky are Weeds (until they die a horrible death).”


Blogger’s lament

Winter bleak, cold and dark;
Tho’ “Not so bad.”, Past Winters bark.
Still it saps this writer’s mood,
His efforts at sage interludes.

He sits and stares
At keyboard wanting,

Pressure builds.
Will readers stray?
Cannot you find
Something to say?

Hurry, the mind urges
Or they will wander
To some other place
To slake their hunger.

Resist!  No surrender
To that nagging command,
Temptation to toss them
Whatever’s at hand.

Just try something new,
That you want them to see.
Do it for you to
Dispell your ennui.

And so it occurs on a day with no spark
An effort to purge those fears that harp,
That threaten with a mild depression
Over a blockage in written expression.