Ma-ma-ma My Corona! Day 9

The-Knack-My-Sharona-1581713180As this unprecedented health event continues to progress with its uncertainty, stressors, and a drastic curtailing of normal life, I dedicate My Corona – Day 9 to a nameless fellow coworker. Let’s call him Bob.

Bob – on one of our last days in the office – attempted to poke fun at my role as office DJ by asking me why I wasn’t playing the song “My Corona”. I told him – somewhat indignantly – that the song was The Knack‘s “My Sharona“. Little did I know until I checked that there actually was a parody song called “My Corona”.

I took the liberty of previewing it. And my recommendation is to skip it; but I link it here just in case you are not already depressed enough being sequestered like a petulant 3-year-old in “timeout”. Remember you were warned.


The following version is a bit better … as in a bit better than being stuck in your house with eight of your offspring all under the age of 6.


But this extremely short video is by far the best so far …


My obvious point here is that with all the stress, uncertainty, hyper media coverage,  doom and gloom predictions, etc., etc. … it will be our ability to maintain perspective; use common sense; and maybe laugh a little at our human frailty are our best attributes that might just help in getting through all this.

Keep safe. Be smart. Enjoy the time with those most important to you … despite how “scary” that might be.


Jazz Atonement

Since I last went off on how irritating I find true jazz, I’ve had a few people asking me why I dislike jazz/hate America.  Some of them, including a few friends, expressed bewilderment at my distaste for jazz.  So I have to backtrack a bit from my I-hate-jazz harangue.

I don’t hate all jazz.  I don’t really “hate” any jazz.  I just don’t get what I guess is called “traditional jazz” or what enthusiasts might call bebop or free jazz, the No Limits-No Boundaries type.  It is jazz that – to me – has little of the traditional qualities of traditional music, which – I guess – is the point of that particular jazz genre.

Maybe that’s why it makes my head hurt.  It hurts just thinking about it. 

But there is a wide range of jazz that I like.  The works of Grover Washington, Jr., Herbie Hancock, Maynard Ferguson, Tower of Power, Bruce Hornsby (The piano and guitar is – in my opinion – much more conducive to pain-free jazz than is brass.)  …  And at this very moment I’m listening to some Yusef Lateef from his album Eastern Sounds.

So rest easy, jazz aficionados, it ain’t all bad in my humble opinion.